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Every day, you are being Socially Engineered.
How can you defend against hackers and scammers if you don't know how they think?

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Our mission is to educate the world about Social Engineering Security so that everyone knows how to defend themselves against scammers, hackers, and thieves.​

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Our Three Pillar Approach

To impact our nation, we need a three-pillar approach.
Only by impacting all three of these areas can we change the world.


Everyone deserves to know how to defend themselves against Social Engineering, improve themselves, and impact society.

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Each business deserves to know how organizations are socially engineering them and how to recognize those attacks.

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Each community will benefit from having individuals and businesses trained to recognize and repel Social Engineering attacks.

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What is Social Engineering Security?

Social engineering boils down to the art of gathering information about someone to mimic, duplicate, or impersonate them online, steering them toward desired actions. It’s not just about sifting through social media or face-to-face interactions to collect data; it’s about running influencing campaigns that subtly nudge people in a specific direction.

The essence of social engineering lies in the psychological manipulation of individuals to perform actions or reveal confidential information, which can then be exploited. This concept isn’t new; it’s been around under various guises like identity theft in the past decades. But with the digital age, the stakes and methods have evolved.


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Jun 28, 2024

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May 27, 2024

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We have this vision of what hackers are.

Somewhere in a dark room, illuminated only by the flashing scroll of unknown code sits a mysterious hooded character. At least that is what Hollywood wants you to believe!

The reality is much scarier.

Hackers can be found in unexpected settings, such as coffee shops, bars, establishing personal connections with employees, or even engaged in delivery activities. Their objective is to gather extensive information about you and your business. Their approach is not black and white, and the timeline for their activities may extend over months. The ultimate goal for all these hackers is consistent—to extract maximum value from your business.

Hackers are applying new, ‘old-school’ tactics to steal your company data and gain access to your systems. There are things you can do to stop them!

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