What does your desk say about you?

Apr 26, 2024
What does your desk say about you?

People crave familiarity, even in our workplace; a way to say this is my space.  One of the most common breaches in cyber security is found on people’s desks.  

Our beloved sticky notes, that cute screen saver, and pictures of our most beloved things. Shoulder surfing is a habit where attackers take a mental snapshot of your screen and any information they can collect.  

The open applications, the number of tabs that are open on the screen, and where things are located on your screen.  

Some good habits are to: 

  • Always, when possible, have your screens set up in a way that people are greeted by the back side of the screen, and they must go around them to see your monitor.  
  • Minimize open tabs when not in use.  
  • Have your monitors go to sleep when not in use. Yes, this is inconvenient, but you will get used to it. Same as a seatbelt, you will start not thinking about it and just do it.  
  • Don’t leave notes or agendas open on your desk when you are not around.  

Think of your desk the same as your home…. the door is locked when you are not there.