What You Need to Know About Social Engineering and Online Safety?

May 09, 2024
What You Need to Know About Social Engineering and Online Safety?

In today's world, many people try to manipulate us without us realizing it. Behind this manipulation is a huge industry that makes lots of money. As technology changes, being careful and knowing what to look for is key to staying safe online.


So, what is social engineering security exactly?

Social engineering is when someone gathers information about you to pretend to be you or influence you do things online or in person. They might get these details from social media, by talking to you or someone you know. There are different ideas about social engineering but basically, it's about getting people to do things or share secrets for selfish reasons. In terms of keeping information safe, it's about tricking one person instead of controlling a big group.

Social engineering has been around for a long time and has changed as technology has advanced. When computers became popular in the late 20th century, gathering information became easier, which was good and bad. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) adds another layer to social engineering. AI can copy human interactions, making it hard to know what's real online.

Social engineering is a big part of online threats. Some estimates say it makes up to 75% or more of what hackers use. But many people think hacking is just about computers, not how people are manipulated. But even people who aren't good with computers can do it. For example, some call centers use social engineering to get information from people, even though the workers there don't know much about computers.  What they do know about is people and social engineering.

Recognizing social cues is vital when it comes to countering social engineering. People frequently respond on instinct, without realizing they're being manipulated. Whether it's subtle questions or observations made on social media, personal details can be gathered easily.

To stay safe, it's important to know about social engineering tricks and watch out for warning signs.  Joining up as a member with Learn Online Security is one of the ways that you can stay up to date.